The Ultimate 4 Step Facial

'Non Surgical Face Lift'👌🏻👌🏻

This package is by far my most impressive anti ageing combination yet. A performance Aesthetic facial without the down time, providing instant and long lasting results 

TriLipo DMA and Radio frequency skin tightening and firming, Full face and neck
- TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation
- Microderm resurfacing treatment
- Opera led mask treatment

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening with Lifting 
Radio frequency is one of the safest, least invasive and yet most effective anti-ageing treatment available to people of all skin colours. In our early 20’s we have plenty of collagen in our skin. However, with age our collagen production decreases, so that by the time we reach our mid 40’s it is barely in production and due to the lack of collagen we notice our skin loses elasticity, sags and forms lines and wrinkles. Using the very latest SkinFirst Radio Frequency equipment we can stimulate your own natural collagen and tighten your elastin fibres to bring about long-lasting rejuvenation.

TriLipo Radio-Frequency energy heats the skin and causes collagen givers to contract.This contraction results in immediate skin tightening and improved skin texture. In parallel,the heating triggers fibroblast cells to produce new collagen. This collagen provides the skin with renewed firmness and flexibility.

Microdermabrasion- an intense exfoliation of the skin enables deeper product penetration, Stimulating collagen and elastin production to reveal a more clearer, radiant complexion

Opera Led Mask
Benefits of blue light therapy include:
* Increased circulation
* Formation of nee capillaries
* Increased lymphatic system
* Increased production of collagen
* Increased phagocytosis, or cellular clean up.
* Tissue granulation stimulated.
* Inflammation reduced.
This combination of benefits helps the anti-ageing response, rejuvenates skin and treats Rosacea.
Benefits of red light therapy include:
* Skin rejuvenation
* Skin healing
* Fading of freckles, skin spots & age spots
* Improve sun damage skin
* Wrinkle reduction
* Skin tightening
* Reduced rosacea symptoms
* Reduced scarring

Single Treatment £75

course of 6 £350