Whether your getting ready for a holiday, preparing for your wedding day or just feel the need to unwind and relax, by candle light. These treatments offer total relaxation for the mind and body, amazing detoxing and stress relief and boosting your immune system.

Back treatment

Purifying back treatment and massage, a cleansing & exfoliating back treatment, in an easy to neglect area, followed by a relaxing back massage.Treatment time 45minutes










Indian head massage


Totally relaxing, a real treat. If you like having your head, neck, back and face massaged, this is certainly the treatment for you. Great for people who suffer with stress, headaches, bad sleeping patterns and sinus problems.


Body massage



For the ultimate relaxation, the body massage is a must. The feelings of tension throughout the body are melted away with a soothing, calming massage.Treatment time 1 hour 










Back massage

For that touch of pampering at the end of a busy day, muscle tension and stress built up in the back, neck and shoulders is gently eased away with aromatic balms and a soothing relaxing deep tissue massage.
Treatment time 30 minutes